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Month: June 2019

My personal experience with storage

Everybody has their own ideal of what they want out of storage. Let me tell you about my experience. My friend came to me asking about where to store her furniture. Our conversation went on and off a couple of weeks. First of all, the storage facilities that she called her computer automated adding to her frustration. Moving out a big home that her family has lived in for 25 years was a huge undertaking for her. She felt that every storage that she called had an underlying deal – first month free + fees or 2nd month free + another month + insurance. They wanted to make her pay for insurance even though her homeowners already covered all her items. Again, she did not realize what she was doing so I told her I would help to make it easier for her to find a good storage facility with a reasonable price. I started calling around the area she lives in and I spent a whole day calling pricing out these storage places. I found one storage facility that actually had a real person answer the phone. Surprise surprise! She made my journey very easy. No hidden fees, month-to-month contract, and most importantly, 24-hour access. She even gave me a 6-month special. My friend and I drove to this storage facility and rented her units. It was such a simple and painless process. So I guess my point is, not all storage facilities provide great service like this particular one did. My friend will keep her items at this place for a long time!

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