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Month: September 2019

Traditional Storage vs PODs

Even though traditional storage has been around for years, PODs seem to be gaining a newfound popularity as a form of storage.  But the question we want to ask is – are these new methods of storage such as PODs always better? There are a variety of different points that will help someone determine what is right for themselves. Let’s start off with the pros and cons of a traditional storage:


  • No extra fee to access stored items
  • Climate-Controlled options available
  • Lower cost


  • Moving is not as convenient
  • Some storage facilities have restricted hours

Traditional storage may seem more time consuming, but when you look at the big picture, the pros outweigh the cons. It is the more cost-efficient option. Just remember that if your items are going to be stored over a period of a couple of months, PODs do not offer climate-controlled units. On the other hand, if you store your items in a traditional storage unit, you at least will have the option of climate-controlled units, which is crucial during extreme weather conditions.


  • Convenient access to items stored


  • Costly fees to access items if POD is stored offsite   
  • PODs are an eyesore to your neighbors – HOA and city ordinance hassles
  • PODs are not climate-controlled

These are just some items to consider. A lot of people don’t realize that when he or she has a POD stored in a warehouse, the fees can become outrageous. The convenience of a POD in your driveway is nice, but a normal neighborhood HOA tends to not allow this and city ordinances can be a hassle. Before you have a POD delivered, be sure to check with your HOA and your city regulations. In the long run, PODs sound state of the art. In my opinion after researching, however, traditional storage is still the most economical and best way to store your items.

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