Don’t lose sleep over storage

What to do? The dreaded letter from the neighborhood HOA informing me the boat/RV presently in my driveway needs to be removed within 72 hours or else. The in-laws can’t accommodate me as usual so my best bet may be to contact a nearby storage facility that caters to larger vehicles. Many offer fully enclosed units with electrical outlets to enable batteries to be trickle-charged. Others may offer outside parking into an assigned parking spot. These are usually less expensive options and some may even offer access to an outside plug as well. Convenience and pricing are often overriding factors in the decision-making process but other factors should be considered as well. Are the aisles wide enough to allow me to safely back my vehicle into my space? What are the access hours and how does this fit my needs? How well-lit is the facility at night and will my family and I feel safe? Is someone riding around after the office closes to keep and eye on things? If I have a question, will someone be in the office to answer the phone or will I have to wait endlessly for a return call? Are security cameras used and are they actually recording? Are the facility reviews reassuring or do they raise additional concerns? Storing property away from home, especially expensive vehicles, should be a stress-free experience. Spending time up front to select the best overall facility will allow you to sleep better at night.