Should I buy a brand new boat or RV?

Lately, let’s face it, everyone is exhausted from sitting around the in house and doing nothing. COVID has drastically transformed everyone’s lives in the past 6 months. Nothing seems normal anymore. No more going to restaurants with your family, going to movies with friends, and going on fun dates with your significant other. It seems like the virus has stripped away every ounce of fun that existed in today’s world. That is, until you see a catchy advertisement on TV of a family happily camping in their brand new luxury 5th wheel or cruising around the lake in their sporty blue boat. You quickly imagine yourself in this position- being able to travel the world in one of these recreational vehicles and decide that its time for you to invest. But let’s put the brake on this impulse decision and think – is it really a good time to purchase an RV or a boat without doing proper research? Here are some factors to consider if you are going to jump on the COVID purchase bandwagon.

  1. Have you ever owned a boat or an RV? – Although fun and exciting, owning one of these can become a heavy burden if you aren’t ready. In order to take care of your boat or RV properly, you must use it often. It is often said that the 2 happiest days of being a boat or RV owner is the day you buy it and the day that you sell it.
  2. Have you considered the expenses that come along with ownership? – sure, the initial purchase is probably very expensive, but you will incur other expenses down the line. If your motor dies or a part needs replacing, you will need to spend money on these.
  3. Do you know how to operate a boat or RV? – if you have watched the news lately, there is no doubt that you have heard about all the people getting in accidents who are new to driving RVs or boats. This is why it’s important to learn how to operate these before you get on the highway with a bunch of others. This isn’t your average smart car that you are learning to drive.
  4. What about the HOA? – have you considered where you are going to park your boat or RV? The HOA is usually not thrilled about homeowners having a boat or monstrous RV in their driveway that’s blocking other traffic. Storage facilities will be happy to take you but make sure that you have arrangements before purchasing the boat or RV because many of these places fill up during the summer months (especially during COVID). Make sure the place you are storing your vehicle is secure too. The last thing you would want is someone else taking your boat or RV out for a joy ride.

These are some things to think about when you are deciding if a boat or RV purchase is the right thing for you. Please take into account these factors and be careful during the entire process. Good luck with researching and have fun during the new era of COVID!