RVing-into the wide open

RVing – into the wide open

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has been present, travel is evolving from air travel to hitting the open road in RV’s.  While any travel can be a risk, many people are turning to traveling in RV’s.  With stay at home orders in place, staying at home is key, but when the stir craziness happens -is it still safe to travel in a RV?  If you must travel, here are some tips to staying safe while RVing:  1.  Check to make sure and reserve parking at an RV park ahead of time.  During these times there has been a lot of RV parks closed, so make sure your check in date is available and have a backup in mind. 2.  Join Facebook groups, this is a great way to get answers and can have many helpful resources.   3.  Try and request your parking spot further away from the crowd, some parks have prime spots with more room in between pull throughs. These cost more, but worth the upgrade.  4.  Try and bathe only in your RV and avoid park showers.  5.  Pack plenty of disposable gloves for dumping and wear a mask while dumping to avoid inhaling any fumes or bacteria.  6.  Try and avoid common laundry facilities.  Some motorhomes have the luxury of washer and dryers, but if not, there are many alternatives that can be purchased online such as portable washing machines (Amazon) or even a good old-fashioned washboard and clothesline to get your laundry cleaned away from the public.  7.  Though it might be tempting, try and not gather with fellow RVers and social distance. 

As we all hope this pandemic will soon be gone, travel and gatherings have changed drastically.  No matter where you go or how you get there, hopefully these tips will help you enjoy and stay safe during your travels.